Michele Odisseas Impagnatiello

I am a sixth year graduate student in the MIT Philosophy department. Next year I’ll be the Louis Skolnick Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton. Before MIT, I studied philosophy in Paris, at the École Normale Supérieure and at the Sorbonne, and before then at the University of Bologna.

I am mainly interested in metaphysics, epistemology, rationality, and how they intersect and interact.

My email is impa[at]mit[dot]edu.


Experience and Time: A Metaphysical Approach Analytic Philosophy — (forthcoming) We argue against the view that our most basic conscious experiences are temporally extended. Along the way, we aim to illustrate how debates about the temporal structure of experience are interconnected with a wide variety of other metaphysical debates, concerning the nature of consciousness, time, and the laws of nature (with David Builes).
  (Winner of the 2022 Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Mind)

An Empirical Argument for Presentism Oxford Studies in Metaphysics — (forthcoming) We argue that, contrary to orthodoxy, our best physical theories support Presentism over Eternalism (with David Builes).
  (Winner of the 2022 Sanders Prize in Metaphysics)

Work in progress

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